In the doghouse: Pooch owners treat pets to modern homes so they don't have to live ruff


Interesting design: This circular dog house mimics the circular movement of a dog as it curls up to sleep

It’s a good chance to buy a new house without taking out a crippling mortgage. But the only problem is you won’t be able to live inside - as it’ll be for your dog.

Trent Tesch, of Kohn Pedersen Fox, in New York, is just one of many designers making new types of dog houses.

One of his specials is a circular dog house that mimics the circular movement of a dog as it curls up to sleep. He told CBS News that the animals are great clients.

Camper van: World-famous artists are scaling down designs to fit all sizes of pooch

'They're very good - they can't really speak back, they can't give you other direction, which is good, but they need things,’ he said.

‘They need light, they need air, they need shelter - they need all of the basic things that everybody needs’.

On display: These pooches help model two very different types of dog houses

Books have even been written on the subject - such as Barkitecture by Fred Albert, which looks at some of the most ridiculous dog houses ever built.

Brian Pickard, of Pickard Design, made the ‘[Sub]urban Doghouse’, which was named one of the best projects of the year by celebrity designer David Caldwell.

Content: This dog looks exceptionally happy with his new red and white home

'People who really, really love modern and contemporary architecture but may not be able to afford a really great modern house, can afford a little piece of mini modern architecture,’ Mr Pickard told CBS News.

Kate Benjamin, of Phoenix, Arizona, runs the Modern Cat blog and said that modern cat scratchers, perches and litter boxes have also been designed for cats.

‘Dogs are very transportable - cats are not,’ she said. ‘Cats really need to stay at home - that's where they're more comfortable.

Ideas: Trent Tesch of Kohn Pedersen Fox is just one of many designers making new types of dog houses

Original: Some of the doghouse designs rival their master's domain - such as this impressive modern effort

‘I think the cats really are fine with a cardboard box and a paper bag - but Modern Cat is about accommodating both the owner's design sensibility as well as the cat's needs,’ she said.

But if you don’t own a cat or a dog, then you could always spend $7,000 on the environmentally-friendly ‘Chicken Co-Op’ coop - a ‘luxury residence for poultry.’

One of the coops bought by a chicken owner can be found overlooking New York’s Central Park.

'That may actually be nicer than my own house,’ designer James Ramsey said.

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