I can do that! Grizzly proves he's smarter than the average bear by responding to girl's wave with one of his own

By Hugo Gye

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Hi bear! This friendly beast gives a good-natured greeting to a car full of passing visitors

Bears are not usually known for their good manners.

But this friendly chap has given a warm welcome to those visiting his wildlife reserve home.

A video of the huge Kodiak bear waving at sightseers has been a hit on the internet, with viewers delighted by his cheery demeanour.

Grizzly greeting: Living on a retreat for former showbiz animals, the bear is probably used to human company

The seven-second video shows visitors waving to the bear and the animal apparently returning the greeting.

It is believed to have been filmed at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington.

This wildlife sanctuary specialises in taking in animals which have previously been in showbusiness - which may explain why the bear is so happy to interact with humans.

Do I know you? A sightseer catches the bear's eye and waves enthusiastically

A look of recognition: The Kodiak bear seems surprisingly happy to return the greeting

Disney worked with the farm for many years, at a time when the world-famous studio produced a number of epic nature documentaries.

Web users have pointed out how similar the bear's behaviour is to that of humans, with one commenting: 'I love how he sort of goes "OH IT'S YOU!" before he waves.'

Kodiak bears - also known as Alaskan grizzlies - are one of the biggest species of bear, frequently weighing as much as 100 stone.

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