Showered with affection: Cheeky walrus blasts a jet of water at young zoo visitor

By Lucy Buckland

Cheeky: Snor the walrus shows sometimes it doesn't pay to sit in the front row at a sea show

This cheeky walrus shows sometimes it doesn't pay to get too close when visiting the zoo.

Snor the walrus decided to surprise a visitor with his water attack as part of a sea show at the Dolphinarium Harderwijk Zoo, in Holland.

Visitor Natalia Paklina, 30, was at the zoo to see the show this year when she spotted Snor the walrus approaching a young spectator.

What happened next surprised Ms Paklina just a tiny bit less than it did the poor young girl because Snor, which means whiskers in Dutch, decided it would be funny to blow out a jet of water.

Ms Paklina, who was visiting from Russia, caught the cheeky moment on camera and luckily for the girl who got soaked it was all in good fun.

Natalia said: 'It was funny because Snor seemed to smile at the crowd as he waddled over and then suddenly he just squirted out this jet of water.

Soaked: Cheeky Snor, which means whiskers in Dutch, looks like he can't quite believe he has soaked a spectator

Walrus water: Typically, wild walruses squirt jets of water to uncover molluscs concealed beneath shallow underwater sediments

'It was very funny and I don't think there were any hard feelings from the crowd that got covered in walrus water.

'I was just taking a picture of Snor at the time and didn't realise he was going to do that, but when I checked my camera I saw I had got it all.

'There was a big queue for the show and we saw the children had all rushed to get the seats nearest the enclosure, I think they might have regretted that afterwards.'

In the wild adult male Pacific walrus can reach 3,700lb in weight with the wild mammals traditionally blowing jets of water to uncover mollusks buried in sediment in the sea.

The animal is famous for its tusks, which in both males and females can reach more than one metre in length.

Wicked walrus: Visitors to the zoo didn't seem to mind Snor's cheeky surprise as they applaud the show



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