Who are you calling 'four-eyes'? Double-take as pair of alert owls move in sync

By Nadia Gilani

Mind-boggling: At first glance it looks like this owl has two pairs of eyes... But in fact its friend is perched behind

Owl about that, at first glance it looks like this owl has FOUR eyes and doesn't give a hoot as he poses for the camera.

But in fact one of its cheeky friends crept in and peeped over its head - creating the strange illusion that the bird had four eyes.

The bizarre-looking bird was snapped by photographer Dimitris Vavylis, 24, who couldn't believe his eyes when he viewed the image on his computer.

Dimitris, from Thessaloniki, Greece, said: 'When I first looked at the four-eyed owl I was really confused.

'I was thinking 'what's going on here' despite the fact I had actually witnessed the situation and took the picture.

'I was visiting Axios Delta, a major Greek wetland, in June despite it not being the best month for wildlife photography as it's too hot for animals to be active.

'But on the other hand it's the time when most young birds leave the nests and become independent.

'That day I saw many young owls and took some portraits of them.

Whose looking at you? The two owls peering out from among some rocks

'When I reached a site where I've photographed owls before I saw two young ones hiding in the rocks.

'I quickly picked up my camera and spotted them staring at my lens in a perfect line up.

'When I took the picture I didn't realise that the result would be an owl with four eyes.'



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