Are you my new daddy? Orphan baby seal becomes big hit with locals

By Daily Mail Reporter

Firm friends: The head of S.O.S Rescate Fauna Marina, Richard Tesore, playing with the baby seal

This is a friendly little chap.

And the 15-day-old male baby seal has brought delight to locals at a seaside resort in Uruguay.

The orphan, taken in by S.O.S Rescate Fauna Marina, is happy as Larry perched on the shoulders of the organisation’s head, Richard Tesore.

Just a baby: The male seal enjoys being fed milk from the bottle

He drinks milk from the bottle and takes regular trips out into the sea as he is nursed to fitness after losing contact with his mother.

And he doesn’t seem to mind at all as he poses for holidaymakers’ pictures at the resort of Piriapolis, Uruguay.

Smile for the camera: The seal has become used to regular photoshoots with locals

The rescue centre has become a popular attraction just 60 miles down the road from Montevideo and has recently cared for dolphins and baby penguins before releasing them back into the wild.

Bruce Willis lookalike Richard certainly enjoys getting to know the animals – and the affection is clearly mutual.

The seal is being nursed back to fitness after losing contact with his mother

Piggyback: The seal posing for pictures, lives near the seaside resort of Piriapolis, 56 miles east of Montevideo



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