The bear necessities? That'll be a bubble bath before bedtime! Photographer captures incredible image of brown bear at play

By James White

This bear looked the picture of contentment as he relaxed in what appeared to be a bath of bubbles.

The animal was caught on camera as he submerged himself in the foam that had been produced by a nearby waterfall.

Sergey Gorshkov risked life and limb to get up close and personal for the shot.

Jump in the jacuzzi! This brown bear appears the picture of contentment as he played in a waterfall near Kamchatka, Russia.

The photographer, from Moscow, Russia, spent seven years among the bears near Kamchatka, Russia.

He even braved a month living in a tent in order to be closer to the group of animals.

He said: 'This is one of my favourite images of the bear.

'Many people who see this picture for the first time think it was buried in the snow and only his head was left outside.

'I have named this picture "Tide", after a washing powder, because it seems that the bear was sitting in a large bath with foam.'

Giant of nature: The brown bear pictured in the wild is a magnificent and at times dangerous predator

He added: 'I took this picture south of Kamchatka, Russia.

'I spent almost seven years with the Bears, when I was working on the photo album about them.

'I've spent a month living in a tent by the waterfall and taking photos of the animals catching salmon.'



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