Ewe can't be serious! Sheep gives birth to quads for the second time in a year

By Charles Walford

Farm owner Louise Burrough with new arrivals Rudolf, Jessie, Ruby and Amy, who were born on December 29

When Polly the sheep gave birth to quadruplets in February her owners were astounded.

Such multiple births are so rare in she was the first ewe to give birth to quads at Peradon Organic Farm, in Devon, in 40 years.

But now she has shocked her owners Louise and John Burrough again by repeating the remarkable feat and having a set of quadruplet lambs for the second time in just ten months.

The four lambs arrived on December 29 at the farm near Cullompton.

Quad lambs are 'extremely rare' in sheep, with twins and triplets far more common.

Mother-of-two Mrs Burrough, 35, who lives on the farm with her 33-year-old husband, has named the second set of Welsh Lleyn breed lambs Rudolf, Jessie, Ruby and Amy.

Mrs Burrough said: 'Mum is just fantastic - what a great sheep. We had no idea she was expecting quads again and it was a complete surprise.

'We are all amazed and very proud of our sheep. They are all healthy and doing really well which is the main thing.

'I think Polly obviously has amazing genes. Some women are predisposed to have twins and I suppose this could be the same for sheep.

Proud mum: The arrival of another four lambs stunned Polly's owners at Peradon Organic Farm in Devon

The couple's three-year-old son Harry with the new-born lambs

'The grass is here is amazing and nutritious and perhaps if they are well nourished maybe that helps.

'It is an extremely rare occurrence, I must say we are very lucky to have that sheep.' The lambs were born at 4am, watched by John's mother Shirley, 78, who also saw the birth of Polly's first quads back in February.

They are fit and healthy and will be looked after by their mum in a barn to make sure they keep warm and safe.

The Burrough family will then move the quads into an orchard on their 250 acre farm, which is home to 150 sheep and 85 cattle.

Mr Burrough added: 'We couldn't believe our eyes when four lambs were born. It is truly amazing that this is the second time for this to happen this year.

'I've never heard of a ewe having two sets of quads - one set is rare.'

The arrival of Rudolf, Jessie, Ruby and Amy was the second time in ten months that Polly has given birth to quadruplets



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