Give us a kiss: Monkey mama plants a smacker on the lips of the orangutan baby that's becoming a star

By Daily Mail Reporter

Mummy's boy: Orangutan baby Chang kisses his mother 'Lea' at the zoo in Krefeld, Germany

This little swinger proves he's not too old to give his mother a great big kiss.

Adorable one-year-old orangutan Changi was only too happy to take a break from playtime to plant a tender smacker on doting mother Lea.

But then it was back to business as usual - aping around his enclosure at Krefeld Zoo in western Germany.

Changi, who loves performing to the crowds, was born in 2010 and has quickly become one of the zoo's star attractions.

Time for a cuddle: Curious Changi takes a long hard look at the cameraman as he snuggles up to the warmth of his mother's coat

Just hanging out: The one-year-old ape shows off some of his gymnastic skills

Looking good: Changi was born in July 2010 and has become one of the zoo's main attractions

Jaw breaker: Changi shows his tough side by biting into a steel chain



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