Is this the bunny version of Babe? Meet the rabbit who has become the resident sheep dog on his farm

Champis the dwarf rabbit proves he is just as good as any sheep dog

By Kerry Mcqueeney

He means business: Champis the dwarf rabbit peers out from inside the enclosure, preparing himself for the task ahead

When it comes to delaying the inevitable, one quick-thinking, fast-moving rabbit has hit on a sure-fire way to avoid his fate in a simmering stewing pot.

Champis the dwarf rabbit has made himself indispensable around the farm he lives on - by taking on the role of resident sheep dog.

In what resembles the plot from the 1995 film Babe, in which a pig avoids the slaughterhouse by herding sheep on his owner's farm, the adorable rabbit shows a surprising flair for the role.

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Honing in: The unsuspecting sheep are oblivious to the rabbit's approach, as Champis gets ready to round them up

He might be an unlikely choice for the job, but the tiny rabbit proves he can hop to it, just as well as any sheep dog.

His impressive feat was captured on video and the footage has become a hit on YouTube since it was first posted six days ago.

Champis regularly gives the sheep the runaround on a farm near Käl, in Sweden, where he is now kept as a pet.

In the video, the sheep are seen obeying the rabbit's every command while Champis appears to be revelling in his new role.

So effective is Champis, that he only needs to take a few steps towards the herd to make them move.

At one point they appear to fall into line, in perfect formation.

Again, this mirrors a scene in the film Babe, where the pig herds sheep into a perfect formation line during a competition.

Let the herding begin: The presence of Champis seems to unsettle the sheep, who start to shift

Just like Babe: The antics of Champis (left) mirrors the plot of the 1995 film Babe (pictured), in which a pig take on the role of sheep dog on the farm

In formation: The sheep hop to it as Champis round them up, proving it's not just dogs who can carry out the job



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