No more monkeying around for you! Puyul the 40-year-old orangutan rests up after breaking his leg

By Lee Moran

Treatment: Puyul, a 40-year-old orangutan, is seen undergoing an operation for a broken leg

Puyul the orangutan won't be monkeying around for quite some time - after he broke his leg by falling out of a tree.

The 40-year-old plummeted to the ground when conservationists found him roaming at a rubber plantation too close to an Indonesian village.

Vets from the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) treated him at a clinic in Batu Mbelin, North Sumatra.

Treatment: Puyul, a 40-year-old orangutan, is seen undergoing an operation for a broken leg

Laid up: With a drip in his arm, vets operate on Puyul's broken leg at their clinic in Batu Mbelin, North Sumatra, Indonesia

They also removed an air rifle pellet from his body. Indonesia has lost half of its rain forests in the last half century.

It has put the remaining 60,000 orangutans, who live in scattered, degraded forests, in frequent and often deadly conflict with humans.

Other orangutans to be treated by SOCP's vets include four-year-old Marvel, whose left leg had to be amputated.

Bandaged up: Puyul looks slightly worse for wear after his operation

Get well soon: An x-ray shows the break in Puyul's leg (left), while a drip is in his arm (right)

He had been chained up when kept as a pet and developed open wounds which became infected.

Now on the road to recovery, he still has respiratory problems which he has to be treated for.

And two newcomers to the conservation programme are orphaned babies Septian and Seroja, who regularly play inside their very own basket at the centre.

Preparing for surgery: Marvel the orangutan, who is four, is pictured about to receive treatment for a respiratory problem

Open wide: Vet Yenni Saraswati plays with Marvel (left) as he is prepared for surgery, while Marvel, whose left leg has been amputated, plays in a cage (right)

Monkeying around: Orphaned baby orangutans Septian and Seroja play inside a basket at the SOCP centre in Indonesia



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