'Ouch, mum!' Cheeky chimp is brought back into line with a sharp slap from his mother after being caught throwing stones

By Daily Mail Reporter

Take that: With an expression of grim determination, six-year-old Joya hurls a rock toward photographer Shah Rogers. The chimp was apparently frustrated at having to wait for a meal

Like countless human children before her, this naughtly chimpanzee learned the hard lesson that there's no benefit in monkeying around in front of a disapproving mother.

Six-year-old Joya decided that waiting her turn for something to eat was boring... and an infinitely more diverting way of killing time would be to throw rocks at her friends and family.

After a couple of throws to get her arm in, Joya was winding up for well-aimed shot when 49-year-old mother Yo brought her swiftly back into line with a stinging slap across the face.

Kapow! In what can only be described as 'natural justice', Joya feels the hot shame of a slap in the face fromher mother Yo - while her older brother Jeie moves in to take any more potential projectiles away from her

You can see their point: Before the grown-ups intervened, Joya was making some pretty threatening moves with the stones - which are usually used as tools to crack nuts (not heads)

This rough bit of 'schooling' undoubtedly got across the message 'It's all fun until someone loses an eye' - the cliched response of frustrated parents the world over.

But, just to make absolutely sure, Joya's 13-year-old brother Jeje moved in and confiscated her stones - which are actually used as tools to crack open nuts - and made the naughty little girl sit still.

The hilarious episode was captured by photographer Anup Shah and his wife Fiona, who were visiting the Bossou Forrest in the Republic of Guinea.

I rock! Joya looks pleased with herself as she hoists another stone above her head. At this point her actions had only aroused mild irritation from the nearby adults

Locked on: Using a nearby tree for balance - and with the unblinking concentration of an assassin - Joya lines up her next target. Clearly something had to be done before she got her aim right

Heavy artillery: As the stone throwing became more bold, younger chimps are seen scurrying to hide behind their parents

Mr Shah said: 'Joya got bored waiting for her turn and decided to make mischief. She picked up some rocks and twigs and started throwing them at other chimpanzees.

'Thankfully, she had a terrible aim and didn't hit anybody, so there were no injuries. Joya is going through a phase where she is very naughty and disruptive and needs to be disciplined by her seniors.'

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and can use and make tools to acquire foods and for social displays.

They have sophisticated hunting and social strategies - requiring co-operation, influence and rank.

Researchers say they are manipulative and capable of deception, and captive chimps have learned human sign language.

It seem now Joya has learned not to be stupid around the grown-ups.



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