Totally devoted: The monkey mother who just can't put her precious newborn down

By Simon Tomlinson

Martha the gorilla can barely take her eyes off her precious bundle of joy as they cuddle in an intimate embrace.

She has been cradling her baby constantly since its birth two weeks ago at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas, U.S. And so she might.

There is much hope resting on the tiny western lowland gorilla's shoulders as he will be relied upon to help protect the endangered species.

Love in her eyes: Martha the western lowland gorilla tenderly embraces her two-week-old baby at Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas yesterday

The zoo, based in Brownsville, is part of the Species Survival Plan, which breeds rare gorillas to maintain genetic diversity and demographic stability.

The baby, who has not been named yet, made its first public appearance yesterday when he was cradled and kissed by his mother as they sat beside the water in their enclosure, it was reported in the Brownsville Herald.

'She’s a good mom,' said zoo facilities director Jerry Stones. 'Martha’s been nurturing babies since before she had one.'

Shouldering the burden: Hopes are high that the tiny gorilla will help preserve the future of the endangered species



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