What's up doc? Meet the tubby bunny that guzzles BANANAS

By Nina Golgowski

Bunny hug: The giant white rabbit lies back in its owner's arms in the YouTube video while munching a banana

Carrots are a more usual treat for a rabbit, but this oversized bunny clearly prefers bananas.

A YouTube video captures the enormous white rabbit cradled in its owner's arms while greedily munching an equally large banana.

At times a nibbling and smacking sound can be heard - along with the cameraman's muffled laughter - as the New Zealand White nibbles away happily.

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Going bananas: Smacking and munching sounds can be heard on the video as the New Zealand White rabbit tucks in

The woman cradling the rabbit speaks to the cameraman in what appears to be Slovenian and holds the peeled banana for her pet. After about a minute's guzzling, the giant rabbit squirms out of her arms and on to the floor.

University of Miami veterinarian Dr Dana Krempels said that rabbits naturally like bananas, as they do most fruit and vegetables, but they are considered treats which should be given in small quantities.

Rabbit food: But vets say that bananas and other fruit should be an occasional treat for bunnies and be given in small quantities

'Just about any fruit you would like is okay for your bunny,' Dr Krempels writes in an article titled What Should I Feed My Bunny?

However the main part of its diet should be grass hay and fresh leafy greens.

Some argue that the position in which the the rabbit is being held, lying flat on its back, promotes a relaxed state.

One English expert, referred to as a Bunny Whisperer with the Times Online, claims that holding the animals this way can tame the wildest of rabbits.

Cliff Penrose of St Austell in Cornwall tells the Times Online: 'You must put your right hand under their body and left hand on the rear and then bring the rabbit up to your chest.

'When you lay them down, the rabbit will then be completely relaxed, but you must make sure you bow to the rabbit.'

Other veterinarians argue the position is stressful for rabbits, making them feel vulnerable with their underbelly exposed.

But the New Zealand White munching happily away on its banana, legs in the air, is obviously completely relaxed, and much admired by YouTube viewers.




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