Who's a cheeky little chimp! Curiosity gets the better of two-year-old chimpanzee as he peeks down his keeper's T-shirt


Cheeky: Two-year-old chimp couldn't resist taking a quick peek down his keeper's top

This cheeky chimp couldn’t resist taking a quick peek down his keeper’s top as she held him close to her chest.

The two-year-old primate cast his eyes towards the keeper’s cleavage after using his index finger to peel away her green t-shirt.

Photographer Cyril Ruoso captured the saucy moment at Pandrillus Drill Sanctuary, Nigeria.

The 41-year-old said: 'It’s a funny shot. This photo shows how close we are to apes and it is the first time I have taken a picture that shows this kind of behaviour so clearly.

'However, for the chimp his actions have a social meaning.

'Grooming or physical interaction is a way to show how close you are to another individual.

'All primates need affection and social interaction.”

Cyril, from Burgundy, France, added: “This isn’t the first time I have seen apes taking an interest in humans.

'I once met an Orang Utan in Borneo who loved to groom my hairy chest even when I was wearing a shirt.'



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