Animal amore! The creatures that show it's not only humans who like to get up close and personal on Valentine's Day

By Kerry Mcqueeney

Snout to snout: These piglets get up close and personal as Valentine's Day approaches

A loving look, an affectionate nuzzle and a smooch here and there - it can mean only one thing.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner love is well and truly in the air. And it would seem it's not just humans who have come across all doe-eyed and sentimental.

As these adorable pictures prove, the animal kingdom is just as capable of giving humans a run for their money in the love stakes as February 14 approaches.

Heart to heart: Two swans form the international symbol of love as they move in for some affection (left) while these Cormorants indulge in a ritual mating dance at their nesting site on Saunders Island, in the Falklands (right)

Give us a kiss: Two hippos move in for a smooch as they court in a mating ritual

These beast of friends all demonstrate their affection for one another with a snuggle, a cuddle or a kiss.

From creature courtships to furry friendships, the animal antics of these partial to each other pairs is heartwarming.

And these mushy mammals prove that love really does come in all shapes, sizes and species.

Wild thing: Two giraffes show their affectionate side as they nuzzle their faces close together

Underwater love: Not even newts are immune to the intoxicating effects of amore

Snuggling: A mating pair of King penguins caress on Gold Beach, South Georgia Island, sub-Antarctica (left) while two lovebirds cuddle up perched on a branch (right)

You nose I love you: Cape ground squirrels 'kiss' in Kgalagadi, South Africa

Coming up for air: Two sea lions cool off in the water as they nuzzle



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