How could you turn down these pups? Magnificent seven searching for new homes after being abandoned


Puppy dog eyes: These seven Staffordshire Bull Terriers are among a growing number of animals needing new homes as owners struggle to afford the cost during tough economic times

Hard as it may be to believe, these adorable pups have been abandoned and are on the lookout for new owners.

The eight-week old Jack Russell crosses, with their sad puppy dog eyes, are among a record 16 puppies in only five days taken into one Welsh rescue centre.

‘They are really cheeky, playful little things, so I’m hopeful we should be able to find good homes for them,’ said Nicky Owen from North Clwyd Animal Rescue.

Dumped on roadsides or abandoned in cardboard boxes, these puppies are often the result of Christmas presents that have lost their novelty or breeders who are unable to sell their litters.

It’s really sad, but the puppies are adorable,' Ms Owen said.

Along with the magnificent seven, the arrivals include Sam, a 12-week-old springer spaniel and Sky, a ten-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier.

Nicky Owen from North Clwyd Animal Rescue, near Holywell, north Wales, said many of the pets had been bred for sale over Christmas but were abandoned after nobody bought them.

She added: ‘Getting 16 puppies in five days is a record for our centre after Christmas. People have been breeding pups and just not being able to sell them.

‘We’ve had all sorts of weird crosses brought in, probably due to the success of dogs like the labradoodle, but they simply haven’t been attractive to buyers.

Two adult shih tzu crossbreeds and their three scruffy puppies melted the hearts of staff at the centre after they were found dumped in a cardboard box close to a main road two weeks ago.

The parents have been named Jane and Jim, and their four-week-old puppies have been called Jade, Jess and Jack.

The centre has also taken a litter of eight-week-old Jack Russell crosses and a Staffordshire bull terrier crossbreed called Ashley.

Adorable: Staffordshire bull terrier crossbreed Ashley is looking for a home



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