How tweet! Cockatoo makes four-legged friend by feeding dog NOODLES

By Daily Mail Reporter

Maybe he thought they were worms.

This bird made an unlikely four-legged friend after feeding a dog noodles from the kitchen counter top.

The pair have a Lady and the Tramp moment as the cockatoo bobs his way toward his furry companion to share a string of spaghetti.

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How's that for a snack? A cockatoo feeds a dog a noodle, snout to beak

The eager pooch licks his chops as he waits for the next bite.

Fortunately for his winged friend, the dog doesn't seem too hungry as he takes a nibble from his beak.

Where are you going? The bird appears to dip a noodle in sauce before giving the hungry pooch another bite

At one point, it even appears as though the bird dips the noodles sauce sitting nearby, and feeds it to the dog as if he were a youngling.

A spectator had a camera on hand to record the bizarre meal for a video that is now sweeping the web.

'Bird Feeds Dog Noodles', uploaded by YouTube user xxImmortalDreamerxx has earned over 150,000 views since it was uploaded on December 18.

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