Like codfather, like son: Angler breaks his dad's 22-year-old fishing record by reeling in 36lb monster

By Katie Silver

Angler Marc Hemsley, 41, holds aloft a monster 36lb 8oz cod he took 25 minutes reeling in

Angler Marc Hemsley holds aloft a monster cod in a photo taken by his fisherman father whose record he had just broken.

Marc and dad Des Hemsley, 65, were on a fishing trip off Shoreham, West Sussex, when the 41-year-old son snared the 36lbs 8oz fish.

He spent 25 minutes reeling in the cod before taking it back to shore where it was officially weighed.

Des Hemsley, 65, held a 22 year record for the biggest cod caught off a boat in Shoreham Harbour, Shoreham, West Sussex. Pictured here in 1990, Des' fish weighed in at 34lb 8oz

It was then that roofer Marc realised he had broken his dad’s 22 year record of 34lbs 8oz for the biggest boat-caught cod in Shoreham Harbour.

But Des had the last laugh after he took home the prized catch and made 15 extra-large portions out of it.

It is thought a fish mongers would have paid between 100 to 150 pounds for such a specimen.

Des, also a roofer, said: ‘I knew as soon as I saw the fish on the deck that it was going to beat my record.

‘Marc was pleased but I was even more chuffed because it felt like we are keeping the records in the family.

Shoreham harbour, Sussex, where te record was broken. In the background the Norman church of St Mary de Haura can be seen

‘He doesn’t eat fish so he ended up giving it to me. I filleted it and made 15 portions out of it.

‘The flakes on it are about the size of two 50p pieces. It’s gorgeous to taste, especially in bread crumbs.’

Marc, whose previous biggest catch was a 26lb cod, said: ‘I knew it was a decent size when it took my bait of cuttle fish.

‘When we got it on the boat the first thing dad said was "you’ve beaten it."

‘He is more chuffed than I am to be honest because we have kept the record in the family.’

The heaviest cod caught ever in UK waters was a massive 58 pounds 8 ounces. The fish was caught from association boat Sea Trek back in 1992 at Whitby.



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