Look who's flown into a rage! Meet the real-life angry birds who don't want you messing with the pecking order

By Nick Enoch

This black-and-white hawk eagle, commonly found in Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina, is having a really, really bad day

Talk about being in a flap.

Someone, or something, has clearly made these birds angry.

Perhaps it was the way their feathered friends were portrayed in the hit phone app, Angry Birds - which saw them as nothing more than ammo to be catapulted at various structures.

And it probably doesn't help that the game has been downloaded 500million times.

The six birds, which were found on the Flickr photo-sharing website, come from all walks of the avian world.

Neck ache? A burrowing owl from North America - one of the irate avians found on Flickr

I'll do the mocking, you do the crying... A mocking bird from the United States

Among them is a mocking bird from the U.S. (on a twisted branch), who could well be living up to its name.

Also representing American wildlife is a red cardinal, which is, rather appropriately, seeing red - and a burrowing owl.

And heading south, there is a black-and-white hawk eagle, which is commonly found in Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina.

Perhaps we'll never know the cause of their ire... unless they decide to rant about it on Twitter.

Yeah, I'm fluffy - but don't call me cute. Or else...

Who are you calling a flying rat? I'm just colourful and pigeon-like

An American red cardinal, which is seeing red

And if they look familiar, maybe this is why...

Angry Birds, the hit game which might have upset their real-life brethren



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