Meet mini-moo! The smallest calf in Britain sleeps in a dog basket

By Emma Reynolds

Udderly adorable: Three-week-old Clementine sleeps in a dog basket and is looked after by the farm's collie and labradoodle

This is Clementine, the tiniest calf in Britain, who is so small she sleeps in a dog basket and is fed every three hours with special milk.

The adorable three-week-old calf was born prematurely in Torrington, Devon, weighing in at a minuscule 33lbs.

She is smaller than even the farm's collie and labradoodle - who have become her protectors and follow her wherever she totters.

Doggy-guards: The farm's collie and labradoodle have become the cute calf's protectors

Cute Clementine is less than half the size of an average newborn calf, which would normally weigh around 77lbs.

Two-day-old Juno, who also lives at the farm, towers above her.

Organic farmer Tracey Martin, of Torrington, said: 'She is smaller than our two dogs, the collie and the labradoodle, who have both taken her under their wing.

'They are all quite happy running around the garden together and nuzzle up in the bed keeping each other company.

'When we first brought her in, the collie would lick her face to make sure she was all cleaned up.'

Gambolling around the farm: The delicate baby calf enjoys the sunshine in a lush field

Close to home: The three-week-old calf cannot stray far from the farmhouse and needs two-and-a-half litres of milk a day

She added: 'I have been in farming my whole life and I have never seen a calf of this breed survive so small.

'Her mother nearly died giving birth and she was poorly throughout the pregnancy so it is a blessing Clementine has survived.'

The delicate calf needs two-and-a-half litres of milk a day and is being kept inside at a constant temperature.

Her petite size and lack of muscle weight mean she has no defence against bad weather or catching cold.

Miniature: Clementine looks small and fragile beside the younger two-day-old Juno

Pastures new: Clementine with organic farmer Tracey Martin, who is hand-feeding her every three hours until she is strong enough to join the other calves

Mrs Martin said: 'For now she is cuddling up by the Aga in the dog bed, she seems quite content being inside. She's even had a doze on the sofa.

'The farmer's four children - aged six, seven and nine - plan to show Clementine at young handler's events.

Mrs Martin, who says the small calf has put on two kilos in the last week, said: 'We thought about naming her after her mother Tangerine.

'Instead the children thought of Clementine because it is like a mini-orange.'



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