Paws for thought: The hilarious cats who think they're human

By Suzannah Hills

Cat nap: Not only does this moggy appear to be sitting like a human - he also appears to be yawning like one too

We are a nation of cat lovers who love nothing more than doting on our feline friends.

And it appears this is the same the world over as owners can't seem to resist posting pictures of their moggies having a mooch in an increasingly popular internet craze.

Several websites and blogs have been set up purely for the 'purr'poses of celebrating cats who like to sit back and relax in style - just like their human owners.

Sitting kitty: This cute cat seems perfectly comfortable where he is and has no intention of moving for anyone

Purrfect pose: This tabby looks very content having a snooze on the sofa

The lap of luxury: This cat seems perfectly happy resting back on its very own sun lounger

A-mew-sing: This cat sat on the mat(tress)

No elbows on the table! Some moggies are just im-puss-ible to discipline

A host of websites, Facebook pages, viral emails and blogs have been circulating pictures of ‘cats that sit like humans’ — and they’ve even been featured on TV.

And as these latest selection of kitty couch potatoes show, it is startling how their behaviour can seem very human.

One owner in Dubai posted a pic of their cat, two-year-old Tigy, relaxing on the sofa.

She wrote: 'Tigy in his favourite position. He's always just sitting back, relaxing on the bed. So adorable.'

I'm kitten all the attention: You can't help but love their adorable poses

I could do with a ginger beer: This cat's in his comfort zone

One cool cat: Everyone needs time to chill

Relaxing: Two-year-old Tigy sits back on his owner's bed in Dubai

Mirror image: A pair of cats cuddle up on the sofa to watch their favourite TV shows

Feline groovy: It's funny how humans sit just like us

Catatonic: Happy just to lay back and take it easy - this cat shows his owner how it's done



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