That’s one way to mow the lawns! Farmer allows his 'urban' sheep to graze among flats and houses

By Simon Tomlinson

Wool-come guests: The sheep grazing among the flats and houses in Matson, Gloucestershire, yesterday

Mowing the lawn is never the most enjoyable of tasks.

But luckily for these residents, they have access to a constant supply of volunteers dedicated to the cause.

Happily munching away, these sheep have been allowed by the local farmer to permanently graze among the flats and houses in the quiet village of Matson in Gloucestershire.

Definitely not baa-d: The local farmer has allowed his flock to roam the village, which saves on the gardening

And they appear to have been warmly welcomed.

One fan, Mark Gale, said on his twicsy page: 'Say hello to Matson sheep who often wander round the estate looking for the best grass.'

In another comment on the Twitter Pics Engine site, he said: 'The Matson sheep on the green outside Matson shops. They've found yummy yummy grass.'

These villagers will no doubt be hoping they stay. Otherwise it's back to the lawnmower.

Even the cat's impressed...

Feline fan: One of the village cats checks out the sheep's horticultural handiwork



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