Wakey, wakey! Sleepy bear emerges from hibernation to say hello to the world after snoozing all through winter

By Leon Watson

Hello world! Palle-Jooseppi the brown bear waking up after hibernation at Ranua Zoo, Finland

Doesn't this furry fellow look grumpy? Don't worry though, he'll bear-up.

Bleary-eyed and dozy, Palle-Jooseppi the brown bear is decidedly bad-tempered as he pokes his nose out of the snow to say hello to the world.

But who could blame him - this old beast has been asleep over winter and his biological alarm clock has just gone off.

Breaking through: Palle-Jooseppi has been in his den for months. this is the moment he emerged

Palle-Jooseppi is a mainstay of Ranua Zoo in Lapland, Finland, and he's just woken up from his winter hibernation.

Pictured yesterday emerging from his den, he hauled himself out of bed and, eventually, went for a short stroll. Then he decided to have a much-needed nap in a soft snow bank.

Although they are not full hibernators, and can be woken easily, brown bears do like to den in a protected spot, such as a cave, crevice, or hollow log, during the winter months.

They eat all summer long to gain weight for the winter months. And it shows, Palle-Jooseppi, who had been sleeping since October, weighs around 300lbs.

At last! Palle-Jooseppi is out, but exhausted after his big sleep he takes a much-needed nap



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