Doggy paddle? I prefer MOGGY paddle: Cat caught on camera swimming in the sea

Video of cat taking a dip with its owner goes viral on YouTube

By Kerry Mcqueeney

Taking a dip: The cat tentatively steps into the water ready for the swim ahead

They will normally do anything to avoid the water. However, not only has this cat learned how to swim, it seems to have perfected the doggy paddle.

This hilarious video shows a cat in Russia walking into the water and taking a dip with its owner.

It has since become an internet sensation after the video was uploaded to YouTube and went viral.


Moggy paddle: It launches itself into the water, seemingly unafraid of the water

Far from being afraid of the water, the cat voluntarily walks into it.

The footage shows the black and white moggie taking tentative steps from the shore into the water.

Encouraged by its owner, it starts to paddle, its tail trailing behind it on the water's surface.

It is then joined by the woman, who swims alongside her pet cat as the pair make their way toward some rocks.

The moggie shows no signs of distress throughout the short clip and seems relaxed after its dip.

Little is known about the cat, except that the footage was filmed in Russia.

Swimming buddies: The cat is joined by its owner and the pair swim alongside each other

Feline fine: The cat seems relaxed after its dip as it dries off in the sun



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