That's totally barking! Breeder welcomes 27 puppies after two of her dogs give birth in the same week

By Daily Mail Reporter

Group hug: The 27 puppies were born in the space on three days - a new record for their breeder

A German dog breeder has found herself with a wealth of puppies - after 27 were born in the space of three days.

Beatrice Oswald, from Aken, who has been breeding dogs since 2004, is now the owner of the large litter after two of her canines went into labour one after the other.

Such was the sheer volume of pups, that both mothers are struggling to produce enough milk to feed all of the bumper brood.

New arrivals: The tiny puppies are being bottle fed as their mothers are unable to produce enough milk to cater to the entire litter

Oswald's two-year-old dog Elfi of Tara was the first to give birth, producing 11 adorable puppies and soon after, three-and-a-half-year-old Anny Bonny yielded a litter of 16.

Beatrice has been relying on friends and volunteers to assist in the bottle feeding that has been ongoing around the clock.

She will continue to care for the puppies for the next few months until they are old enough to be sold.

Centre of attention: Whilst a group of siblings from one litter attempt to take a nap, one energetic pup clearly has other ideas



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