Match of the neigh: Pony shows off his impressive footballing skills including passing, dribbling and shooting

By Daniel Miller

Hoof it up the park: Football-mad pony Gray loves nothing more than a quick kickabout

Move over Wayne Rooney, this young foal's got an eye for goal, and he can't half hoof it up the park.

Football-obsessed pony Gray isn't bothered bout gymkhanas or galloping through the fields. All he wants is to get out in his paddock for a kickabout.

Like a four-legged Pele, he canters around with the ball seemingly glued to his hooves, dazzling onlookers with his impressive touch.

Nice dribble: Gray, a Bashkir-type pony, has put in hours of practice around the paddock to perfect his skills

Shifting from side to side through the snow Gray, a Bashkir-type pony, appears to have mastered passing, dribbling and shooting after putting in hours of practice.

And at full time he can't resist celebrating his first class performance with owner Anna Popova by giving her a sloppy lick across her face.

The funny moment was captured by keen snapper Olga Itina after photographing Anna riding five-year-old Gray at her home in Volokolamsk, Russia.

Nice touch: Gray proves he's no one-trick pony having mastered passing, shooting, dribbling and heading

WAG: Gray celebrates another goal by giving owner Anna Popova a big sloppy lick across her face

She said: 'It's just like watching a real football match when Gray chases the ball - he is really happy, enjoys the action and gets stuck in.

'I have never seen a horse playing with a ball before so was amazed to see how comfortable he was with it.

'Gray can do almost anything when he has a ball at his feet and is always in control of it.

'He is very fond of Anna. They are really close and have a great relationship.'



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