Where's the mouse? iPad app that lets cats play with virtual ball of yarn and protect cheese from mice

By Emily Allen

Cat flaps have officially had their day.

It's the cat app that is the must-have feline gadget of today.

A new iPad app has been developed by the RSPCA in Australia to keep techno-moggies entertained.


There's a (cat) App for that! A moggie stares intently a virtual mouse on the screen of an iPad

The 'Affection Collection' is made up of Kitty Raid, where cats have to defend cheese from invading mice, Roller Kitty, where cats can play with a roll of virtual yarn, and Kitty Chef, a game where cats can become chefs.

Designers said they wanted to promote enrichment for cats and highlight their intelligence. A points scoring system helps owners know how well their moggie is performing.

The three games are never played twice in a row and move on automatically to keep the cats entertained for as long as possible.

It is hoped it could prove useful if cat owners are struggling to keep their pets indoors.

It is also the ideal playmate for lonely moggies.

It's out Meow! The RSPCA's Affection Collection is made up of three games especially to keep cats entertained indoors

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said: 'This is a unique concept that RSPCA hopes will really help put cats in the limelight this month,

'Basically, you place your iPad on the ground, start the game and your cat or kitten can interact with it on his/her own terms.

'There are automatic features including reset and shuffle, making it easy for cats to navigate this game on their own, and keep them interested'.

It's not the first time cats have been allowed to play with iPads. Footage on You Tube shows moggies from all over the globe playing cat and mouse games with their owners.

Techno-moggies: The cats seem just as fascinated with the glow of the screen and the repetitive play as everyone else

The cats seem just as fascinated with the glow of the screen and the repetitive play as everyone else.

Soon pets won't even have to leave the house - or be forced to make their own fun with real toys.

Saxon Cameron, a student from Bond University, developed the app for the RSPCA, based in Queensland.

He said: 'This game I have designed you can put down so if you go out to work or to the shops; it’ll repeatedly shuffle through games so the cat will remain interested'.

'For us it is all about keeping indoor cats stimulated and excited because they have not got that natural environment to go hunting'.



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