Move over Damien Hirst: Pawcasso kittens create art to raise money for abandoned pets

By Daily Mail Reporter

Stray cats in Australia are now being found a new loving home, all paid for with paintings that would make Picasso proud.

Mini the kitten is just one of those who are creating artworks by walking across canvas with paint on their paws to help raise money to save other abandoned pets.

Louise Clayton and daughter Tegan Ellis, 21, from Wagga Wagga, in New South Wales, allow their cats to express themselves with paint, creating rescue cat art to help pay vet bills for the many animals they have saved.

A star of the art world: Mini the kitten is one of those who enjoys creating the paintings

They have already rescued 12 cats, three dogs and seven birds.

'When we see advertised free to good home cats and kittens we pick them up. We intend on finding them homes but we end up keeping them,' Ms Ellis said.

With the help of the kittens, they have created six rescue cat art works since coming up with the idea last week.

Messy fun: The feline artworks are created by the cats walking across a canvas with paint on their paws

'I just thought it was something different and something people would be interested in,' Ms Ellis said.

'This is abstract and colourful and a bit unique.'

Ms Ellis said three recently rescued kittens, Mouse - who someone wanted to buy for snake bait - Sabu and Mini are the main participants in the art sessions.

'We put paint out for them and they walk across, and they play with balls we put out. It's just a bit messy. Once they finish they just wander off.'

Good cause: All the money raised goes to provide more homeless pets with a secure and loving home

Mini is one of the main participants in the art sessions. "We they finish they just wander off," says their owner



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