Spring in her step: Lamb left hobbling on shattered front leg given new lease of life with prosthetic limb

By Wil Longbottom

New lease of life: Carmen the two-week-old lamb is jumping and playing again after she was fitted with a prosthetic leg at Animal Place, Grass Valley, California

A lamb left hobbling around after breaking her front leg has been given a new spring in her step thanks to a prosthetic.

Carmen was found hungry, badly injured and near death in California after limping around with her shattered leg for two weeks.

She was taken to Animal Place, a sanctuary in Grass Valley, where doctors were forced to amputate the limb due to infection.

A local prosthetic company agreed to donate a leg to the two-week-old lamb, and she now wears it for a few hours a day as she becomes used to it.

Jamie London, animal care manager at Animal Place, said: 'She was gonna die without any kind of treatment. Her mother was afraid of her so she wasn't getting fed.'

Marji Beach, who also works at the animal sanctuary, added: 'Someone saw this baby lamb suffering immensely and they didn't just turn away. They turned compassion into action.

'The sheep are intimidated by this weird metal device on her so we'll give them time to adjust to it as Carmen does.'

Learning to walk again: Carmen has the prosthetic on for an hour a day as she gets used to it

Recovering: The lamb broke her leg when she was two days old and was left to fend for herself when her mother stopped feeding her

Carmen broke her leg when she was just two days old. She lived on a small farm where sheep were used to clear weeds and the farmer refused to treat the leg.

The little animal wears the prosthetic for an hour a day as she relearns how to walk with it and it will need to be replaced as she grows bigger.



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